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Everyone has a better (and some claim “scientific”) way of getting people together. After 20 years of observing, listening and experiencing for myself other dating websites, I decided it was time to create a matching website that connected people in a new and exciting way that has real results. I gathered years of information from an unquestionable amount of single people searching or having searched for a match on other websites. It made great sense to provide an easy, fun, interactive and mathematically formulated matching website. The fun is in how our video interactive dating program enables you to actually go on a date without having to leave the comfort of your home, office, hotel, airplane or wherever your location is in order to interact with others if you choose. Match for a Cure LLC will also provide a messaging App service, a texting service and it all remains anonymous (coming soon!). The mathematics is in our proprietary algorithms created to bring people together. Being an engineer, forming this website allowed me to create some excellent and innovative pathways in bringing people together seamlessly and in a fun and exciting way. Once you have experienced Match for a Cure LLC, I’m sure you’ll agree!

We also believe in a straight forward “what really matters” compatibility matching program and questionnaire. When is the last time you have heard of or have been with anyone that has the very same details that you have, and answered questions exactly as you have 100% of the time? Most likely never and would you really want to be with someone exactly the same as you? What would you talk about? What new things would your match show you? Would you have endless conversations about your job? How about what foods you like or wanted to try next? This all sounds boring and quite frankly, it’s not the recipe for an interesting, rewarding and exciting relationship.

Match for a Cure LLC is the dating website people have been asking for. Simple, straight forward, full of innovation, budget friendly, fun, interactive and no hidden “premium” offers to trap you in a very expensive dating website. Match for a Cure LLC offers full matching services all for a price other dating sites charge a huge premium for. Aside from that we also donate a large portion of your monthly subscription fees to a number of charitable and reputable organizations of your choosing. We also accept suggestions to add more charitable organizations of your liking. Of course the suggestions are reviewed and the most requested are chosen to be added onto the list.

Match for a Cure LLC believes in our matching and interactive system so much that we will reimburse a Match for a Cure LLC couple up to one full year of membership minus the charitable donation amount for your wedding expenses. We know how expensive a wedding can be and we want to help by thanking you for allowing us to bring two great people together.

Match for a Cure LLC is making history by creating more “real connections” that we be believe will in the end lead to inspiring marriages.

New Hampshire-based Match for a Cure LLC (www.matchforacure.com) launched in the United States in 2015 and is now projected to be the fastest-growing trusted relationship services provider in the United States of America. Match for a Cure LLC’s Interactive Matching System allows Match for a Cure LLC members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they will likely enjoy a long-lasting relationship with. People of all ages (over 18), ethnicities, national origins, religious and political beliefs have used Match for a Cure LLC’s Interactive Matching System to find compatible long-lasting relationships.

How it all works:

  1. Register on the site. If you haven’t already click here. If you are already registered click here to login.

  2. Choose your membership plan on the plans & pricing page by clicking the provided button on the bottom of each plan column. If you are not registered & logged in you will not be able to view the plans and pricing page. The longer the period of the plan, the better value you will receive.

  3. When you reach the Match for a Cure LLC checkout on Step 1 you will designate which charity organization you would like 50% of your membership cost donated to.

  4. After finishing the signup, you will then have access to your account and all portions of the site that your membership gives you privileges to view. We offer an Elite Membership package which includes all features of the site including everything.

Who We Donate To:

  • Alzheimers Association

  • American Diabetes Association

  • Autism Speaks

  • National Cancer Institute

  • St. Judes Children’s Hospital

  • Wounded Warriors Project


  • Feeding America

Feel Free to Contact Us with Any Other Charities You Would Like to See on Our List

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